Front Page PictureEmma Maguire is an Associate Lecturer in English Literature at Flinders University.

Emma has a BA (Hons) in English Literature from Flinders University, and has recently been awarded a PhD in English Literature, also from Flinders University (April 2016).

She is currently working on a book about autobiographical strategies employed by girls and young women in contemporary digital media, which considers how such self-representations of youthful femininity are received and critiqued within culture.

Her research interests include autobiography, pop culture, digital media, and gender.

Emma is an organising member of the International Auto/Biography Association Students and New Scholars network, which she co-founded in 2014 with Maria Faini and Orly Lael Netzer and she is committed to finding new ways to encourage rich intellectual engagement through community building and collaboration. Emma is also an award-winning teacher who is deeply interested in innovative approaches to university teaching and learning. She is particularly interested in postgraduate student learning.

Emma is also a co-founder of The Hearth Collective, a group of creatives who host regular events in Adelaide to support emerging writers and artists.

She is a member of the Flinders Life Narrative Research Group.

You can get in touch with Emma here.

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