Emma Maguire is a writer, researcher, and lecturer.

She works on Bindal and Wulgurukaba land in Townsville, Far North Queensland as a Lecturer in English and Writing at JCU. Emma has worked previously at Monash University and Flinders University, where she has won awards for her teaching and research.

Emma is a co-founder of The Hearth Collective, a group of creatives who host regular events in Adelaide to support emerging writers and artists.

She is a member of the Flinders Life Narrative Research Group, and Co-Founder of the International Auto/Biography Association Students and New Scholars Network.

She writes short fiction, essays, and criticism.

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Kokomo by Victoria Hannan, a Millennial Fiction That Spans Generations The Conversation

Under the Corn Verity La

The Planes Quaran-zine: A Collection of Feelings/Experiences/Thoughts in the Time of COVID-19

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Girls, Autobiography, Media: Gender and Self-Mediation in Digital Economies

Janine Gertz, Emma Maguire, Theresa Petray & Bryan Smith / Violence Media/Culture

Kylie Cardell & Emma Maguire / Sluts and Sex Objects: The Autobiographical Subjects of Contemporary Millennial Sex Writing  Sex and Journalism

Constructing the ‘Instagirl,’ Deconstructing the Self-Brand: Amalia Ulman’s Instagram Hoax  European Journal of Life Writing

Girls’ Auto/Biographical Media: The Importance of Audience Reception in Studying Undervalued Life Narrative  Research Methods for Auto/Biography Studies

Ümit Kennedy & Emma Maguire / The Texts and Subjects of Automediality  Media/Culture

Kylie Cardell, Kate Douglas & Emma Maguire / ‘Stories’: Social Media and Ephemeral Narratives as Memoir  Mediating Memory

Maria Faini, Emma Maguire & Orly Lael Netzer / Collaboration  Auto/Biography Studies

Kylie Cardell & Emma Maguire / Hoax Politics: Blogging, Betrayal and the Intimate Public of A Gay Girl in Damascus  Biography

Self-Branding, Hotness, and Girlhood in the Video Blogs of Jenna Marbles  Biography

Home, About, Shop, Contact: Constructing an Authorial Persona via the Author Website  Media/Culture

Susan Sheridan & Emma Maguire. Relationships to the Bush in Nan Chauncy’s Early Novels for Children  Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature

Potential: Ariel Schrag Contests (Hetero-)Normative Girlhood  Prose Studies

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